Edgar J. Curtis
  • Edgar J. Curtis, FACHE
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Health System
  • Edgar J. Curtis has served as president and chief executive officer of Memorial Health System since January 2008. He provides leadership for the strategic direction of the Springfield-based health system, which delivers comprehensive health services to the central Illinois region.
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Charles Callahan
  • Charles Callahan, PhD, MBA, FACHE
    President, Memorial Health System Hospital Group
    President and CEO, Memorial Medical Center
  • Dr. Callahan has been employed by Memorial Health System, Springfield, Illinois, since 1991, serving in a variety of clinical and administrative roles. Callahan became the organization’s first chief quality officer in 2013, advanced to chief operating officer in 2014, and effective June, 2019, became president of the MHS Hospital Group and president and chief executive officer of Memorial Medical Center.
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  • Dr. Callahan leads the Hospital Group

Jay Roszhart
  • Jameson Roszhart, MHA, FACHE
    President, Memorial Health System Ambulatory Group
  • Jay Roszhart is president of the Memorial Health System Ambulatory Group and provides executive leadership for Memorial Health Partners, Memorial Physician Services, Memorial Home Services, Memorial Behavioral Health, Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, Managed Care/Payor Relations and Ambulatory Operations.
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  • Jameson Roszhart leads the Ambulatory Group

System Resources Group

Aimee J. Allbritton photo
  • Aimee J. Daily, PhD, FACHE
    Senior Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer
  • Aimee Daily serves as senior vice president and chief transformation officer for Memorial Health System. She is responsible for strategic leadership of integration, standardization and change among the health system’s structures, behaviors and processes to enhance organizational performance, capacity and colleague engagement.
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Erin Bromley
  • Erin Bromley, CMRP
    System Administrator, Supply Chain
  • Erin Bromley is system administrator of supply chain at Memorial Health System. She is responsible for developing the system wide supply chain strategy and overseeing its operations. Her role focuses on standardization and cost efficiency for all purchases across the health system.
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Korey Davis
  • Korey Davis, CPA
    Vice President, Finance
  • Korey Davis is vice president of finance at Memorial Health System. He is responsible for numerous finance areas, including accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting, tax reporting and compliance, financial forecasting and analysis, financial strategy, cash and liquidity management.
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Becky Douglas
  • Becky Douglas, MBA, CLSSBB
    System Administrator, Memorial Experience
  • Becky Douglas is system administrator of Memorial Experience at Memorial Health System. In this position, she is responsible for the development and implementation of initiatives related to patient, colleague and physician engagement. Her role focuses on improvements to promote optimal patient and workplace outcomes.
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Robert Ellison
  • Robert Ellison, MHA
    System Administrator, Business Development and Governmental Affairs
  • Robert Ellison assumed the role of system administrator, business development and governmental affairs, for Memorial Health System in 2019. In this capacity, he is responsible for business development, strategic planning and governmental affairs of the health system.
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Kevin England
  • Kevin England, MBA, FACHE
    Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Kevin England is senior vice president and chief administrative officer for Memorial Health System. He has been with Memorial for over 30 years and is currently responsible for strategic planning, business development, supply chain, community benefit and information systems activities.
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Anna Evans
  • Anna Evans, JD
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Anna Evans is the senior leader responsible for the internal audit and compliance, privacy, health information management, coding, information security and risk management departments.
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Rajesh Govindaiah
  • Rajesh G. Govindaiah, MD
    Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
  • Raj Govindaiah serves as the Memorial Health System senior vice president and chief medical officer. He is responsible for administrative and clinical leadership and coordination for medical staff, graduate medical education and physician alignment activities, as well as safety and accreditation, quality improvement, decision sciences and digital innovation.
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Katie Keim
  • Katie Keim, CPA, FHFMA
    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Katie Keim is responsible for the financial integrity of the organization as senior vice president and chief financial officer for Memorial Health System. Keim collaborates with operations to ensure the organization’s current and long-term financial stability and success.
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Michael Kos
  • Michael Kos
    Vice President, Revenue Cycle
  • Michael Kos serves as vice president of revenue cycle for Memorial Health System. He provides leadership for the organization’s revenue cycle areas, including patient access, case management, managed care, third party reimbursement, patient financial services, professional billing, decision support and Memorial Home Services billing.
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Lance Millburg
  • Lance Millburg
    System Administrator, Performance Improvement
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Jerry Miller
  • Jerry L. Miller, PMP, CHCIO-eligible
    Vice President, Information Services
  • Jerry Miller oversees all operations and planning at Memorial Health System for information and communications technology, serving as vice president of information services. He is a healthcare information technology professional with more than 35 years of technical and leadership experience.
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Marsha Prater
  • Marsha A. Prater, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE
    Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
    Memorial Medical Center Chief Nursing Officer
  • Marsha Prater has served as chief nursing officer for over 25 years, providing executive leadership for the development of a nationally recognized nursing professional practice environment and supporting structures that enable the integration of evidence-based patient care standards and operational processes throughout the health system.
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Robert Scott
  • Robert Scott, MBA
    Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Robert F. Scott brings 30 years of human resource experience to Memorial Health System, with nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry. As senior vice president and chief human resource officer, he has led a human resources system integration and standardization, aligning key HR operations to the goals and objectives of MHS.
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Hospital Group

Jennifer Bond
  • Jennifer Bond, DNP, MS, RN, NE-BC
    Vice President, Nursing
  • Jennifer Bond provides executive leadership and operational coordination for patient care services and nursing practice activities as vice president, nursing, for Memorial Medical Center. She focuses on implementation of patient-centered care delivery models, evidence-based standards of patient care, performance improvement activities that optimize safety and effective utilization of resources and ongoing monitoring of patient, staff and organizational outcomes.
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Scott Boston
  • Scott Boston, MD
    President and CEO, Passavant Area Hospital
  • Scott Boston, MD, has served as president and chief executive officer of Passavant Area Hospital since 2019. Prior to that, he served as chief medical officer at Passavant.
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Kimberly L. Bourne
  • Kimberly L. Bourne, FACHE
    President and CEO, Taylorville Memorial Hospital
  • Kimberly L. Bourne has served as president and chief executive officer of Taylorville Memorial Hospital since 2015. She began her career at Memorial Medical Center in 1989 and has held leadership roles with food and nutrition, patient transport and patient safety.
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Dolan Dalpoas
  • Dolan C. Dalpoas, FACHE, RHCEOC​
    President and CEO, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
  • In 2006, Dolan Dalpoas was named president and chief executive officer of Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital in Lincoln. He has served Memorial Health System in various clinical and leadership capacities since joining the organization in 1994.
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Drew Early
  • Drew Early, MHSA
    President and CEO, Decatur Memorial Hospital
  • Drew Early is president and CEO of Decatur Memorial Hospital, a role he has held since Oct. 1, 2019.
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Evan L. Davis
  • Evan Davis, MS, MBA, PT, FACHE
    Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • Evan L. Davis is vice president of clinical operations at Memorial Health System. He is responsible for executive and strategic leadership for cardiovascular and pulmonary, orthopedics and neurosciences, perioperative and emergency and trauma service lines.
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Jennifer Harris
  • Jennifer Harris, MS, FACHE
    System Administrator, Perioperative Services
  • Jennifer Harris is system administrator of Perioperative Services at Memorial Health System. In this role, she ensures that high-quality, safe, efficient, equitable and fiscally responsible surgical care is provided to the more than 20,000 patients MHS serves each year.
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Linda Jones
  • Linda Jones, DNS, RN, FACHE
    Vice President, Ancillary Operations
  • Linda Jones, vice president of ancillary operations for Memorial Health System, previously served as vice president of operations for Memorial Medical Center and administrator of the Central Illinois Community Oncology Program and oncology, pulmonary and clinical research services at Memorial Medical Center (which she continues to lead).
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David King
  • David King
    Vice President, Support Operations
  • David King provides executive and strategic leadership for facilities design and construction, engineering, environmental services, foods and nutrition, clinical asset management and security departments. His role focuses on providing leadership and guidance for all health system construction activities, environment of care and building code compliance.
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Tamar Kutz
  • Tamar L. Kutz, MBA, CLSSMBB
    Vice President, Quality and Operations, Decatur Memorial Hospital
  • Tamar Kutz is vice president, quality and operations at Decatur Memorial Hospital. She oversees strategic leadership of quality, hospitality, perioperative services, facilities and the hospitalist program.
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Jennifer Love
  • Jennifer Love, MBA, BSN, RN, CEN
    System Administrator, Emergency & Trauma Services
  • Jennifer Love is system administrator of emergency medical services at Memorial Health System. She is responsible for operational leadership of emergency and trauma services through leading partnerships and standardization across hospital emergency medical services within Memorial Health System. Her role focuses on operational excellence and quality, patient-focused services.
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Samantha Reed
  • Samantha Reed, MHA, FACHE
    System Administrator, Orthopedics and Neuroscience Services
  • Samantha Reed is the system administrator of orthopedics and neuroscience services. In this role, she has leadership and accountability for planning, directing and coordinating all orthopedic and neuroscience initiatives across Memorial Health System. Reed also provides administrative oversight for rehabilitation services, Memorial Transplant Program and the acute dialysis and apheresis unit.
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Tiffany Whitaker
  • Tiffany Whitaker, DNP, RN, CCRP, LSSBB
    System Administrator, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services
  • Tiffany Whitaker oversees the operational, clinical and financial performance of cardiovascular and pulmonary services for Memorial Health System. She previously served as director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center and Neurosciences at Memorial Medical Center.
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Ambulatory Group

Kim Beggs
  • Kim Beggs, MBA
    Administrator, Memorial Physician Services
  • Kim Beggs assumed the role of administrator, primary care services for Memorial Health System in 2020. She oversees all administrative and operational aspects of primary care services for Memorial Physician Services including outpatient clinical and professional services, onboarding, fiscal responsibility, performance improvement, quality and safety.
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Randall Bryant
  • Randall A. Bryant, CPA
    Vice President, Decatur Medical Group
  • Randy Bryant is vice president of Decatur Medical Group, providing leadership for approximately 115 physicians and advanced practitioners. He joined Decatur Memorial Hospital in May 2018 as executive director of occupational medicine services.
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Travis Dowell
  • J. Travis Dowell, MBA, FACHE, FHFMA, FACMPE
    President and CEO, Memorial Physician Services
  • J. Travis Dowell is president and chief executive officer of Memorial Physician Services, a 150+ physician/APP primary care network located across multiple sites in central Illinois. He has more than thirty years of healthcare experience with Memorial Health System, beginning as a cost accountant implementing a decision support/cost accounting system.
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Henry Hurwitz
  • Henry Hurwitz, MHA
    System Administrator, Population Health
  • Henry Hurwitz provides operational oversight for the development of the system’s population health products and services offered through Memorial Health Partners in his role as system administrator for population health. He also oversees referral management and pre-visit planning for Memorial Physician Services.
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Diana Knaebe
  • Diana Knaebe, MSW
    System Administrator, Behavioral Health
  • Diana Knaebe assumed the role of president, Memorial Behavioral Health, and system administrator, Behavioral Health, in January 2020.
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Kimberly Paskiewicz
  • Kimberly Paskiewicz, MPH, RD, LDN, CLSSBB
    Administrator, Specialty Services
  • Kimberly Paskiewicz is administrator of specialty services at Memorial Health System. In this role, she is responsible for Memorial ExpressCare, virtual care, telehealth, Memorial Physician Services - Women’s Healthcare, Memorial Physician Services - Vine Street, Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center and the Memorial Advanced Hernia Center.
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John W. Ridley
  • John W. Ridley, MHCDS
    System Administrator, Ambulatory Products and Services
  • John Ridley is system administrator of ambulatory products and services for Memorial Health System. He spent 15 of his 25 years in healthcare at Decatur Memorial Hospital, where he held the positions of executive director of Oncology Services, senior vice president and executive vice president and chief operating officer.
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