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Welcome to the Memorial Health System newsroom, a central resource for members of the media who are seeking access to our latest news, searching for medical experts for health-related stories, inquiring about patient condition reports and looking for photos and artwork to accompany stories.

Memorial Health System is a community-based, not-for-profit corporation serving the people and communities of central Illinois. We are dedicated to patient care, education and research and provide a full range of inpatient, outpatient, home health, home hospice, behavioral health and primary care physician services.

Contact Information

For Interviews with Clinical Experts

Journalists seeking to interview clinical experts with Memorial Health System should direct their inquiries to the Public Relations department. The external communication coordinator is Michael Leathers. His direct office line is 217-788-7086 or he can be reached by email at leathers.michael@mhsil.com. After hours or for urgent media inquiries that need an immediate response, you can reach him by pager at 217-467-2252.

Patient Condition Reports

For patient condition reports, please direct your inquiry to the individual hospital.

Memorial Medical Center:

217-788-3333 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours, call 217-788-3000 and ask for the nursing supervisor.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital:

217-605-5008 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours, call 217-732-2161 and ask for the administrator on call.

Taylorville Memorial Hospital:

Please call 217-824-3331 and ask for the administrator on duty.

Access to Experts

Bariatric Surgery Exercise Lab Palliative Care Stroke
Behavioral Health Food Maternity Rehabilitation Transplant
Burn Care Hearing Medical Imaging Robotic Surgery Vascular Health
Cancer Heart Attacks Neurosciences Sleep Disorders Weight Loss
Diet Heart Health Nutrition Pain Management Wound Healing
Emergency Medical Hip and Knee Replacement Orthopedics Sports Medicine  


General Statistics

Memorial Medical Center

  • Licensed beds: 500
  • Discharges: 25,475
  • Births: 1,770
  • Surgical procedures: 20,941
  • Outpatient visits: 403,552
  • Emergency department visits: 69,559
  • ExpressCare visits: 75,044
  • Employees: 4,005
  • Volunteers: 374
  • Medical staff: 724

Passavant Area Hospital

  • Licensed beds: 131
  • Discharges: 4,530
  • Births: data to come
  • Surgical procedures: data to come
  • Outpatient visits: 93,462
  • Emergency department visits: 30,588
  • Employees: 972
  • Volunteers: data to come
  • Medical staff: data to come
  • Patient days of  care: 17,971
  • Average length of stay: 3.5 days

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital

  • Licensed beds: 25
  • Discharges: 1,082
  • Outpatient visits: 43,472
  • Emergency department visits: 16,883
  • Employees: 309

Taylorville Memorial Hospital

  • Licensed beds: 25
  • Discharges: 1,145
  • Outpatient visits: 22,538
  • Emergency department visits: 14,690
  • Employees: 360

Memorial Home Services

  • Hospice days of care: 48,390
  • Home health patients: 3,692
  • Employees: 242

Memorial Physician Services

  • Patient visits: 282,175
  • Employees: 445
  • Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois
  • Clients served (unduplicated): 9,433
  • Employees: 231

* For fiscal year 2012 (Oct. 1, 2011, through Sept. 30, 2012)

Patient Condition Reports

Any patient medical information released to the news media will be done in strict accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), which requires healthcare institutions to safeguard the privacy and integrity of patients and their personal health information.

Memorial Health System works with the media to provide accurate and timely information, while respecting the confidentiality of our patients’ medical information and complying with HIPAA’s privacy regulations.

All media inquiries for information about patients must be coordinated through Public Relations. The following standards have been established for news media inquiries about the status of patients:

  • All media inquiries must include the specific patient’s name and exact spelling.
  • As long as the patient has not requested that information be withheld, we will release a one-word condition about the patient. (See below.)
  • Videotaped or tape-recorded interviews, photographs or any other interaction with a patient requires written patient authorization.
  • The patient has the option to expressly state that he or she does not want information released, including confirmation of his or her presence in one of our facilities.
  • Public record cases: Patients involved in matters of public record have the same privacy rights as all other patients. For example, the fact that a patient has been transported to the hospital from an accident, crime scene or fire has no bearing on the patient's privacy. The name verification and one-word condition rule still applies.

We are always happy to discuss and explain the HIPAA provisions in more detail or respond to other questions about patient inquiries.

Below are the conditions that Memorial Health System will release about a patient:

  • Good: Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable. Indicators are good or excellent.
  • Fair: Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious but may be uncomfortable. Indicators are favorable.
  • Serious: Vital signs may be unstable and not within normal limits. Patient is acutely ill. Indicators are questionable.
  • Critical: Vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits. Patient may be unconscious. Indicators are unfavorable.
  • Undetermined: No determined condition yet established by physician.

We do not use the term “stable” as a condition.

A patient’s death cannot be reported or confirmed until efforts have been made to notify the patient’s next-of-kin. At that time, and unless a legal representative of the deceased requests that the information be withheld, Public Relations staff will report only that the patient is deceased. No other information will be provided, such as the time or cause of death.

Media Visits

All media interviews or photographs with Memorial Health System patients, administrators, physicians and employees must be cleared through Public Relations. While on the property of any Memorial owned or operated facility or clinical practice, members of the media always must be accompanied by a Public Relations staff member or authorized Memorial representative designated by Public Relations.

Media crews, reporters, videographers and photographers who enter any Memorial Health System property without clearance will be stopped by Security or management staff and asked to wait until a Public Relations staff member can be contacted.

Access to Patient Care Areas
Media access may be limited or denied to any area of a Memorial Health System facility at the discretion of patients’ healthcare teams or individual physicians.

When at Memorial Medical Center, media crews must park in lots specifically designated for parking. Public parking is available in Lot 9, which is south of the hospital across Miller Street, and Lot 10, which is southeast of the main entrance to the hospital at the intersection of First and Miller streets.

The circle drive at Memorial Medical Center’s main entrance is for our patients. Media are called upon to refrain from parking or otherwise using this area as a pick-up or drop-off location.

For media visiting the hospital campus for the first time or to see the locations of Lots 9 and 10, please use these maps of the Memorial Medical Center campus.

Media crews are prohibited from parking in emergency vehicle parking areas.


Memorial Medical Center maintains an extensive library of photos for media use. The photos below are a sample of some of the available photos. All photos should be used as provided. Changes to size are acceptable as long as pixilation does not occur. If you’re looking for a specific type of photo that doesn’t appear below, please contact Michael Leathers at 217-788-7086 or by email.

Ed Curtis, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Memorial Health System

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Doug Rahn

Charles Callahan, PhD, MBA, FACHE
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Memorial Health System

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Raj Govindaiah

Rajesh G. Govindaiah, MD
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Memorial Health System

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Marsha Prater

Marsha Prater, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, TACHE
Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Memorial Health System

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