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Patient Transfers & Physician Consults


MemorialACCESS is our streamlined process to expedite patient transfers and facilitate physician to physician consultations. Our dedicated toll-free phone number is staffed 24/7 with a team led by experienced registered nurses, every hour of every day. Their clinical expertise, combined with our patient flow technology, equips our MemorialACCESS team to better serve your staff, physicians and patients.

Meet Our Team

MemorialACCESS Patient Placement Team


Program Director

Val Floyd MBA, RN
Val Floyd, MBA, RN
Director of Nursing
Resources & Patient Flow

Program Manager

Dimana Minder, RN, BSN
Nurse Manager of
Staffing & Patient Flow


Registered Nurses

Judy Blalock, RN Deb Daily, RN Jessica Dikkers, RN BSN Stacia Gordon, RN BSN Denise Green, RN Dee Murdock, RN
Judy Blalock, RN Deb Daily, RN Jessica Dikkers, RN, BSN Stacia Gordon, RN, BSN Denise Green, RN Dee Murdock, RN
Kate St. John, RN          


Support Staff

Meredith Hale Sharon Harris Barb Schafer
Meredith Hale
Patient Access Specialist
Sharon Harris
Patient Access Specialist
Barb Schafer
Patient Access Specialist