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Visit the Onboarding site to complete the new hire paperwork that must be completed prior to your appointment with Employee Health. The required documents will be assigned to you by Human Resources.

How do I get to the Onboarding site? Visit the online application and log in. If you don't remember your username and password, click the "Forgot Username or Password?" link.

To complete your forms, you'll need Adobe Acrobat version 7 or higher.

Where can I use a computer? If computer and/or Internet access is needed, contact your recruiter at 217-788-3580.

An Overview of the New Hire Process

New Hire Paperwork

Some new hire paperwork is required by federal and state law, including tax documents, personal data sheet, criminal history background check authorization form (a criminal background check will be conducted for each state that you have resided in).

Health Care Worker Background Check Act: In compliance with the Health Care Worker Background Check Act, your employment is contingent upon satisfactory results of a criminal history fingerprint scan as conducted by the Illinois State Police. You will provide authorization for a records request as part of the pre-employment process. Acceptable results must be obtained prior to your start date.

Medical and direct deposit forms are also required; however, they will be provided at your new hire appointment.

Employee Health

Your recruiter will schedule for a new hire appointment which will include the below requirements.

  • Employee health screening: Satisfactory results must be obtained from an employee health screening which includes a discussion of your past medical history, a physical examination, and drug and alcohol testing. The drug and alcohol testing (via blood, urine and breathalyzer testing) are conducted in the lab at Memorial Medical Center. Your recruiter will schedule you an appointment to meet with the employee health nurse.
  • Physical Examination: The physical examination is conducted at MOHA (a map will be provided for you). You will need to drive to MOHA after completing all process steps in Human Resources. Your physical will be based upon the physical requirements of the job hired for. You will need to arrive at MOHA by 4:00 p.m., examinations are completed on a first come, first serve basis-no appointment is needed. *Additional testing (a Functional Capacity Exam) may be required, depending on the physical requirements of the position.

REMINDER: At your new hire appointment, Human Resources will provide you the required health forms.

Other Requirements: This portion of the new hire process is conducted in the Human Resource Department at your new hire appointment. It will take 2-4 hours to complete.

  • Knowledge Net exams: You will complete exams through KnowledgeNet, the computer-based education for Memorial Health System employees. Exam topics include fire safety, proper body mechanics, infection control, and general safety. The exams are not timed and you make retake each as many times as necessary to pass.
  • Direct Deposit: You will complete a direct deposit form so your bi-weekly payroll check will be directly sent to your bank. Please bring a voided deposit slip or check with you on the day of your employee health visit, to help Human Resources verify accurate account numbers. Make sure that your routing number and deposit number are on the bottom of the check or deposit slip.
  • Identification Badge photo: Your badge is an important way of letting other employees and our patients know who you are and where you work. When you begin work, you will be required to wear your name badge anytime you are scheduled to work.

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